Deploying Breakthrough Holistic Waste Recycling Solutions
for a Sustainable World

Manage Your Recyclables with UpBox!
UpBox will Take Care the Rest!

While handling waste,
Have these thoughts
ever crossed your mind?

  • Food Factory A
    I feel like I’m being overcharged!
  • Restaurant B
    My customers are complaining about the stench and cleanliness!
  • Hotel C
    There must be an easier way to log and access all waste data in the 21st century!

End-to-end Recycling with

  1. 01 Accurate
    Measurement UpBox
    Pay precisely according to how much you’ve thrown away!
  2. 02 Hygiene
    We understand that when it comes to waste, you want things to be as clean as possible!
  3. 03 Transparent
    Manage all workstreams and check real-time data within the UpBox APP!
  4. 04 Customer
    Our CS system allows all requests and complaints to be timely logged & handled accordingly.
  5. 05 Recycling
    There is always a more sustainable recycling solution for your waste

More than 4,000 clients benefit
from UpBox.

For Waste Resources Management,
Deploy UpBox to Recycle Your Waste 

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